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As in everything else in life, it helps to have a professional on your side and never more so than when it comes to all of the complexities of commercial real estate in NYC. At Winslow & Company LLC our real estate professionals specialize in Tenant representation and we believe that each side of the deal deserves an advocate. We independently research the market to make sure you see all the spaces versus an agent who represents landlords and has an inherent bias towards those they represent. Once you have selected a short list of spaces and are ready to begin negotiations we will use all of our knowledge of recently closed deals to make sure you get the best space at the most advantageous terms available including rent, escalations, concessions and tenant improvements. We frequently have tenants come to us after having been led down the rosy path by full service or landlord brokers to help them with either renewals or subletting and are astonished at the unfavorable terms included in their lease. That will never happen with us! We are in it for the long haul and want you to come back to us for future business and referrals. Best of all, our services does not cost you anything. We get paid out of a commission that would otherwise have gone entirely to the landlord’s agent to negotiate against you.

In the end it comes down to conflicts. How hard can you expect an agent or agency that represents landlords to get you the best deal? Winslow & Company only represents tenants and their interest! We will make sure your interests are represented without compromise and the space you ultimately lease is perfect for your business.

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