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While many of us are working from home now, it already is time to think about what kind of work situation we will come back to. In the past years, open layout spaces and various coworking arrangements have been getting increasingly popular, and while they offer more communication, networking, in many cases even greater flexibility in terms of the amount of space and rental term, they also create a situation where too many people are crammed into one small space with insufficient ventilation. 

Does having 10 other companies with dozens or even hundreds of people look so cool now? Not really. You can’t know who went where and whether that lovely CEO of the promising #startup has washed hands after using the bathroom, sneezing or coughing, but you can’t avoid touching the same objects- handles, coffee makers, tables, chairs, etc. 

There is a lot of uncertainty in general right now. Some businesses won’t make it, others will be more flexible about work from home policy, but there will still be businesses that will require an office space and in-person communication. Coronavirus will go away, many other types of flu, viruses, common cold will stay and it should always be important to be careful and mindful of hygiene and air quality, especially in places where you spend a lot of time. 

With your own office space, you can at least control how many people are in the same area, how often and how well you clean, it is easier to communicate to your own employees and encourage them to be careful and safe. As an added bonus- you get more space for your money and only pay for the utilities and amenities you use. 

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