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Winslow & Company LLC is registered and approved by NYSERDA, the state agency that provides funding to promote energy efficiency and sustainability in commercial properties. 

We are facilitating enrollment into the Commercial Tenant Program for a free energy evaluation of a commercial space every step of the way, so you, as a business owner, don’t have to spend your valuable time on it, but can still receive all the benefits and savings. 

The opportunities for energy efficiency are vast and can be found at every step of the leasing cycle: from space selection and goal setting, to design, construction, occupancy, and operations. We are innovative in our approach to integrating energy efficiency into lease renewals, new leases, and for tenants that are currently engaged in a long term lease. 

Frequently asked questions:

Who does the evaluation and how is it paid for?

  • The energy evaluation is performed by an independent contractor (FlexTech registered engineer) who is paid directly from the state agency.  

Why isn’t there a charge to the tenant?

  • NYSERDA is funded and pays for the costs of this program through the System’s Benefit Charge. System’s Benefit Charge is part of every ConEdison bill you pay as a commercial tenant.

What will I get if I participate in the program?

  • Tenants participating in the program will receive a detailed report with recommendations on what adjustments can be made in order to lower utility bills and contribute to sustainability based on engineer’s evaluation of the commercial space and operations. As part of the report you will also get suggestions on ways to improve the indoor air quality to help meet the new CDC and State recommendations and enjoy a safer work environment during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Who is this program for?

The program is recommended for the tenants who: 

  • Are leasing approximately 10,000 SF or more
  • Are paying for their electricity using a  Direct Meter or sub-meter
  • Want to renew their current lease, are considering moving, or have a long term lease obligation in place

Do I have to implement the recommendations? Is there a charge if no changes are made?

  • No. There are no mandatory requirements to implement the recommendations and there is no cost to the tenant for participating in the program. 

Who would benefit from the program the most?

  • Tenants who are about to do major renovations or space build-out changes will be able to realize the most energy savings benefits from the program. Most of the improvements recommended in the report cost little or nothing to implement but can result in 20 to 50% savings with short payback periods. 

Please, reach out to us if you have any questions! 212-982-8484 or Email

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