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We help you find office space in Manhattan and New York City

Winslow & Company is a full service commercial real estate advisory firm. We specialize in helping businesses find, negotiate and secure office and loft spaces in New York City. Our team consists of experienced professionals working with the most up to date listings in Manhattan and the boroughs.

Why do business with us

The landlord pays our fee, not you. You simply get fast reliable service, accurate listings, our negotiation expertise and knowledge of real estate market. Free of charge.

Our agents have relevant backgrounds and experience with different industries which helps them understand the type of office space that works best for your business. We use our knowledge to research and locate spaces perfectly suited for your business and then negotiate the most advantageous terms for you.

Services we provide to the tenant free of charge:

Strategy: Analysis and evaluation of your company’s specific requirements
Locating a space that supports your business is one of the most important factors ensuring its success. Before beginning the search we carefully analyze and evaluate your company’s existing lease obligations, comprehend your company’s current and future space requirements, create a plan that covers all aspects including budget, size, layout and location(s), as well as identify and prioritize your company’s objectives. By doing so at the outset we are able to guarantee a predictable and successful outcome.
Programming: Creating your custom search
Using the most up to date database of available spaces our experienced agents will then prepare a comprehensive, detailed report of available spaces, including location, size, floor, and property data with asking rents and floor plans that are consistent with your requirements. Before we send you the list of spaces, we confirm availabilities and accuracy of descriptions, and, whenever possible, the spaces are previewed to make sure the information that they can work for your business. Along with providing you with a report of spaces we will share our extensive knowledge of the properties and landlords to ensure they meet your standards for quality.
Inspection: Touring and Viewing Properties & Spaces
Based on your interests we will select properties & spaces for you to tour so you can view them first hand to determine which are the most desirable and to get your feedback. Because we do the research in advance and get you all the information before we tour there are no surprises. We know your time is valuable and make every effort to show you only those spaces that will ultimately work for your business. Depending on the outcome we will either end up with prioritized short list of 2-3 spaces or have critical feedback to finalize the search on a subsequent tour.
Lease Negotiation: Negotiating & Securing a lease
Once you have selected the space or spaces you are interested in for your business, we will prepare a suggested offer for your review and approval using up to date comps along with our extensive knowledge of the market. With your authorization and approval we then enter in to negotiations with the landlord (or appointed agent) for the selected space or spaces. Since we specialize in representing tenants, you are assured of both securing the desired space and getting the most favorable terms.
Lease Renewals: Extensions, Contractions and Expansions
Our commitment to our clients does not end when you sign a lease. Tenants frequently need to extend, contract, or expand during the term of the lease. When the need arises, we work on your behalf to negotiate with the landlord and can ensure you get the best terms and conditions. Whether there is an opportunity within the building or portfolio of your current landlord and the desire to expand within or move, we use our independence to represent your interest and obtain the desired results.
Exit Strategy: Mitigating your obligations through Subletting or Assignment
If for any reason your office space requirements change, and you need to mitigate your obligation, we can represent your interests by either negotiating with your landlord for a release of the obligation or through marketing to secure a sub-tenant. Additionally, we frequently work with the tenants to help them rent residual space by finding them tenants who are looking for shared office space. This approach works well as the typical shared sublease tenant is very flexible and you can choose the desired term to both ensure they are compatible and allow for your future needs to expand back into the space. Tenants frequently are better off to rent a space that fits their long term needs, rather then taking a short term lease with the associated costs and trouble of moving. In such cases we negotiate in advance with the landlord to guarantee you have rights in the lease allowing licensing of desk space which offsets the costs while your business grows and saving you time and money.
Independent Referrals: Assisting tenants with reliable vendors
Leasing an office space is just the beginning and moving a business can be a daunting experience. Our years of experience have enabled us to interact with many other business professionals and services providers frequently used by tenants that are reliable, trustworthy and affordable. We are happy to provide references that can be depended upon and help to get your business up and running in the new space. We are happy to help with recommending providers for telecommunications , movers, contractors, real estate attorneys, architects, engineers, furniture vendors, insurance agents and many other services and professionals you will require. The majority of the professionals and companies we refer come from our clients that recommended them to us initially and have a proven track record with our clients. We have a strict policy against accepting anything in exchange so you can be sure you are getting the best services at the best prices.
Real Estate Sales: Purchasing versus Leasing
For some clients it is more sensible and there is a preference to purchase a commercial property, Coop or Condo versus leasing. While leasing has lower initial costs for a security and first months rent the long term benefits of ownership come with higher costs including tying up capital, bearing the costs for tenant improvements, real estate taxes and maintenance. Our experienced agents can help you evaluate the costs and benefits of purchasing versus leasing. If you decide to purchase we are fully versed in the process and can research, locate and negotiate on your behalf to help you purchase a property for your business.